Crimean Dance Party

A sonic acheivement that lives up to the cover art!

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sound samples are mp3 format
Sparkling Eyes ©2004 D.Teager
What Does It Take ©2004 D.Teager
Maria Alejandra ©2004D.Teager
Punch Out ©2004 D.Teager
Caravan arr.©2004 D.Teager
We Gotta Dance ©2004 D.Teager
Tavli Song ©2004 D.Teager
I Just Can't Wait ©2004 D.Teager
Cash in Your Blue Chips ©2004 D.Teager

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  Black Sea Salsa Released:
May 1997

Diaspora Suite ©1997 D.Teager
Lullaby arr.©1997 D.Teager
Carpet of Happiness arr.©1997 D.Teager
Under the Clouds arr.©1997 D.Teager
Song for my Family arr.©1997 D.Teager
Alphabet Tune ©1997 D.Teager
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Just hear what the critics are saying about Black Sea Salsa's first CD "Black Sea Salsa"

"Whoa - that fist tune: it's got this trumpet thing, then this Latin thing - then this ethnic thing - man, it sounds awesome when I turn the volume up to 11."
D. Kaiser, Petaluma, CA

"I'm sure it's wonderful, but I don't have a CD player. Can you send me a cassette tape?"
G. Frank, Arlington, VA

"You know, there was a time when Dan was considering a career in medicine...Those were good days."
S. Teager, Belmont, MA

Buy a copy for yourself and see what Armenian Salsa is all about. It could make your CD player a much happier appliance.

Dan Teager, Director/Arranger/Trumpet; Mark Sanchez, Lead Trumpet; Lance A. Martin, Flute; Dan Zupan, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone; Joe Stewart, Trombone.   Anthony Grant, Vocal/Alto Saxophone; June Baboian, Vocal; Katie Guillory, Backup Vocal; Jodie Stanfield, Backup Vocal.  ; Dave Phillip, Piano; Anton Medeiros, Guitar; Mac Stanfield, Bass Guitar; Gordon Grottenthaler, Drums; Holly Gerken, Congas/Percussion.